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Quran learning has multiple stages as you, start from learning to identify the Arabic alphabet. The next stage would be learning how to pronounce these alphabets. It continues to learn words and eventually reaches learning to read verses fluently. It is a common practice to read the whole Quran after you learn how to read it fluently. An important consideration during learning to pronounce the alphabet is to learn pronunciation with Tajwid. We know that non-native speakers of a language will have different accents as several accents of English prove this factor. Learning Tajwid while learning to pronounce the alphabet is the best way to start learning the Quran, as Arabic is sensitive to pronunciation. 

If you do not pronounce certain words properly, it changes the meaning. It is not an issue while communicating with a person in the Arabic language, but when we read Quran, the wrong pronunciation will change the meaning of the verse we are reading.

Similarly, pausing while speaking is essential to gathering your thoughts and catching your breath. In the Quran, pausing at the wrong place can change the meaning of a word or verse. Hence, it is important to learn how to pronounce the Arabic alphabet in the Quran and how and when to take a pause while reading the Quran. The traditional way to learn these Quran essentials is by physically taking classes from a local teacher. 

But, for areas where the teacher is not available, online or E Classes are the option for students. You can hire a Quran teacher for online learning Quran, and it also provides ease in the daily schedule saving time for traveling. Online Quran learning also lets you choose the best from the available options, and reviews from past teaching experience also help in this regard.

Online Quran Classes

Online Quran Classes are a good option for students from countries or areas where it is difficult to find a good Quran tutor. Also, if the student does not have much time to go to the teacher daily as he is in school or trying to learn Quran while working at a job. Some people start learning Quran in the later part of their life as learning is not limited by age. It is difficult to take physical classes due to several factors. Online Quran Classes are the best solution to such issues as you can easily learn Quran while sitting at home by learning from a Quran tutor online. It also gives the ease to choose the time of your ease, and studying with routine makes these classes the best option. 

Online Quran Classes provide you with an opportunity for digital Quran Learning easily. You no longer have to wait for a certain date and time to fulfilling your Islamic thirst. You can select any course of your interest and requirement from available ones on our E-Quran Academy Quran Mentors website.

From basic to advanced levels, you can learn here from our highly trained and experienced faculty. We offer Quran Learning for all age groups, both kids and adults. We provide female and male tutors, so you can learn from the one you are comfortable with. In addition, we provide our online services globally. Our focused countries for teaching are the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and UAE. Students from these countries can now learn from us. We aim to serve these massive followers of the religion at our best. We have taught many students from a similar region with splendid positive feedback. 

Other countries can also contact us for online Quran classes to hire tutors with vast experience teaching Quran classes to beginners and in the advanced stages. Students from Canada can now learn from us. Islam is the fastest-growing religion in Canada. Quran Mentors have the privilege of being a part of Quranic preaching in Canada. Anyone from there can join us and learn from us. Students from the UK can now learn from us. Quran Mentors are providing E Quran classes for UK students after successful course completion of several batches before. We have taught Australians and greatly appreciate it from their end.2.6% of their population is Muslim. 85% of the UAE is Muslim by the grace of the Almighty. Quran Mentors have successfully competed in many batches on various Quranic training for them before in UAE.

Online Quran Classes from Pakistan

Online Quran tutors from Pakistan are available for Online Quran classes. Our tutors can teach students from any stage of learning the Quran. Online Quran tutors are experts in teaching Quran students from any stage of Quran learning, like identifying alphabets, pronunciation, learning to read the Quran fluently, Tajwid, Tartil, and trying to memorize it. Learning Tajwid and Tartil without a tutor is not possible. Selecting the option of online Quran classes from Pakistan will give you the freedom to choose the time slot in the day with different time zones. It gives you the option to study late at night, which is difficult to achieve in physical classes due to the unavailability of a tutor. Also, it is difficult to learn it properly once you have learned it incorrectly. For example, if a person learns to recite Quran without Tajwid, it is very hard to learn it with Tajwid. 

Why should You choose online classes from Pakistan?

Choosing someone for online Quran classes from Pakistan gives you a certain advantage over tutors from a different region. Pakistan has a rich culture of students devoting their time to learning how to recite, memorize, and further studies. Choosing an online Quran tutor from Pakistan also gives you the advantage of multiple options of time slots available due to different time zone. It gives you the freedom to learn Quran at night while working during the daytime. Another advantage of hiring a Quran tutor from Pakistan is that the national language of Pakistan is Urdu, in which a lot of words have been derived from Arabic, allowing Pakistanis to pronounce the Arabic language efficiently. So, Online Quran classes from Pakistan will also give you the advantage of avoiding wrong pronunciation, and you can learn better pronunciation of the Arabic language.  

Quran Academy, Quran Mentos provides the best online Quran classes. We provide multiple Islamic courses designed specifically to make learning easier and simpler for all age groups, despite their prior knowledge of that particular course. The steps to follow for learning Quran Online are quite simple and easy if you are ready to start your Quran learning journey immediately. All you have to do is, click the link given right below. This would take you to our registration form, which would make you in one-to-one communication with us. Your preceding course will be finalized and acted on once you pay the required course fee. In addition, we are open to any sort of suggestions and queries.


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