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We Offer Online Quran Classes for Kids and Adults, Start your learning journey with Quran Mentors, Register Now or Contact Us for more details

Our E Quran Academy offers Online Quran Classes for kids and adults. Online Tajweed Course & Memorization Course for everyone from anywhere

Quran with Translation & Tafseer are necessary to understand the proper meaning of Quran. There are many people in different countries

Quranic Arabic is compulsory to understand the Quran and basic concept of Islam, male and female Quran Teachers

Quran Academy
Learn Quran with Tajweed

Quran Mentors

About Us

Quran Mentors is one of the leading platforms for Learn Quran Online. This sacred mission was started in 2018 and has been enlightening hundreds of students all across the world through its Online Quran Classes. Our prime focus is teaching the best readings of the Quran with the help of detailed knowledge on Tajweed, understanding of this prestigious book, and Quranic Arabic. 

In a very short time, Quran mentors has constantly ascended to new heights due to their devotion to students and their consistent efforts for improving it over time. We are aiming at entailing as many students as possible in the bounteous act of Hifz al Quran as well.

Our Courses

The best place to learn Quran, tafsir and Quranic Arabic at same time. Be a part of us and start your spiritual journey now!


Noorani Qaida Online

To achieve proper accent and fluency, we have Norani Qaida for beginners in the shed of experienced tutors.
Quran Memorization

Online Quran Reading

This course is titled with Quran Reading course but it covers some other basic needs like Masnoon duas and Salah structure.

Quran with Tajweed

This course is conducted under the shelter of very devoted tutors who give specific attention on origin and Arabic alphabets.

Quran Memorization

Our online Hifz Program is ready to be the most exhilarating experience of the lives of many across the globe.

Tafseer e Quran Online

This course is for one, who want to understand Quran properly. Here we teach proper meaning of every single Ayah with proper context.
Learn Quranic Arabic

Quranic Arabic Online

This Course is specially design for one who is interested in Quran tafsir and Arabic at the same time. 

Why Choose Us

Expert Tutors

Quran Mentors is ambitious to give you expert tutors of Quran reading, tafsir course, and Quranic Arabic under same shelter.

Reasonable Price

With expert tutors, classes, and flexible time, Quran mentors always tries to offers all these services in very reasonable Hadiya.

Female Tutor

For more convenience, we assign both male and female tutors for students according to gender.

24/7 Availability

For differences in timing in different countries, we have flexible timing for students, job persons and housewives.

Monthly Fee

The below mentioned fee is implemented on Monthly basis for all courses after the satisfaction of Free trial session.

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5 Days Plan



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